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Dr. Pavlo Kryčfalušij

Root canals

Root canal treatment (endodontic treatment, popularly known as "pulling the nerve") is necessary to perform a dental nerve damage caused by dental rot or injury. In many cases, this is the last option, how can we save the tooth.

Endodontic treatment includes:

1) removal of the dental pulp of the tooth cavity nerve
2) opening, enlargement and working the inside walls of the root canals to a distance of about 1-1.5 mm from the root tip (rtg) and their disinfecting (processing of walls special instruments is important for subsequent filling of the Canal, but also when it removed all bacteria in genetically modified caries materials from the walls of the cavity and the nerve canal)
3) hermetic filling root canal, root worked as fill. Quality made root fill then stops further penetration of infectious bacteria to the root channel.

It is extremely important that the treatment is done with the utmost care. For this purpose we are using high-tech diagnostic sizing and filling systems, through which we are able to effectively treat root canals.

The entire treatment will be done by us with local anaesthesia, thus completely painlessly.