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Dr. Pavlo Kryčfalušij


A Detnal implant is an artificial substitute for your own tooth, which is fitted in the oral cavity in place of the original tooth and performs its function. It is also the option of avoiding unnecessary abrasion of healthy teeth due to the bridge.

Implant Using implants we can replace both single tooth and multiple missing teeth, to the solution of whole edentulous jaws - these allow you to make teeth implants "on the fixed" instead of removable dentures. This is most commonly a titanium screw that takes the place of the missing tooth. After the introduction of the screw firmly in the jawbone, in which it is embedded, thereby creating the perfect base for your new tooth. The success of dental implants today is actually very high, exceeding 95%. Dental implants should be considered as the first choice of option because its the common treatment. A dental bridge requires grinding often healthy surrounding teeth.


                                We use dental implants ASTRA TECH - a world leader in implant technology.

Price includes the price of custom implant, surgical treatment, prosthetic Implantsphase of treatment and cost of the prosthetic work (crowns or bridges). During the treatment of gaps wich span more teeth it is necessary to use several implants, on which a bridge is mounted. Total price depends on the number of implants due to the size of the defect and the extent of the prosthetic work.