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Dental hygiene

Proper dental hygiene is essential for healthy teeth for life and an important part of preventive dentistry.A person whom correctly cleans their teeth, significantly reduces the risk of tooth decay, preceded by the paradontitis and extends the life of fillings and orthodontic work.

denthhygiena1Professional hygiene is usually recommended to undergo once every half a year. Treatment of sediments are removed, which already is handled by the toothbrush. This is neccesaary for dental stone, detrimental gum and soft dental plaque, which gathers in difficult accessible places.

The removal of tartar ultrasound-stone and established over the gums, so stone established under the edge of the gums, which is invisible at first sight, but much more dangerous for the tooth. This dental stone is present in more than 70% of the adult population. Dental stone is often accompanied by an unpleasant smell from the mouth, which arises due to the remains of food and bacteria in the mounting of porous structure of tartar, and bleeding gums, which arises because of the inflammatory processes. To remove tartar we use an ultrasound Tartar remover and also by hand.

It is also carried out by a professional teeth cleaning and removal of pigmentation, the bacteria and plaque using the apparatus of the Air-flow (sandblast) of the polishing of the teeth. Sandblasting works on the principle of a high pressure water and air, and this in combination with the specially granulated powder and is also part of the baking soda. Teeth are gently cleaned by a method of Air-flow  from plaque and stains, but at the same time is neutralized by the surface of the teeth from acids and bacteria.

The result of the professional cleaning of your teeth is you will get a bright and shiny surface.