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Dr. Pavlo Kryčfalušij

Children´s dentistry

Children form a specific group of patients, who require individual child1approach and the cooperation of their parents. The active involvement of parents is especially important in the field of dental hygiene, because children need help with cleaning their teeth. The right care, in the ideal case completely prevents or at least minimizes the possibility of decay of teeth for your children.

With a regular attendance to a dentist you need to start as soon as possible. When you first visit a dentist you may not necessarily go on treatment, rather, it is the first contact with a dentist and get familiar with the new environment. It is important that the reason for your child's first visit to the dentist was not the pain of teeth, swollen gum or brownish teeth, this could be the case that the first contact with a physician will be traumatic for your child and fear with the treatment could then persist into adulthood.