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Dr. Pavlo Kryčfalušij


 Dental ordination  Dental Vita is equipped with a wide range of advanced tools that allow us to achieve excellence indental care.

High Quality Dentist Chair


Chirana Cheese is high-quality dental surgery chair.



X-ray system


X-ray system with sensitive electronic sensor can detect tooth defects also in places inaccessible to human vision with minimal doses of radiation.



intraoral camera


An intraoral camera allows to perform quick and accurate examination of the oral cavity. Using a thin endoscope and light allows dentist to reach  into the most inaccessible areas of the oral cavity, and these display on  monitor to the patient. In addition, the patient himself can appreciate the positive changes after treatment.



Prophy-Mate neo-Air Powered Tooth Polishing System


Prophy-Mate neo-Air Powered Tooth Polishing System  is used to remove unwanted discoloration of the teeth. Special ending using a spray of fine powder, with help of which are deposits from the surface of the teeth removed without damaging tooth enamel.



RAYPEX 6 apex locator


RAYPEX 6 apex locator is used for endodontic treatment. It is designed to accurately measure the length of the root canal and visual monitoring instruments in the passageway throughout the procedure. Measurement of this device is completely painless.



Autoclave LisaW &H


Autoclave LisaW &H for sterilizing instruments.



Label printer